Arti Sourcing

Arti Sourcing is one of trusted sourcing and buying agency based in Bali-Indonesia.

We provide our buyers with complete products sourcing service for a diverse range of Indonesian products. Whether from buyer’s design or from our catalogue.

Our main goal is providing our best service for our Customer satisfaction. As we are here to serve and introduce the products contained in Bali, as well as other products from all over Indonesia.

Arti Interior Sourcing proudly support local products. We also committed to promote high quality products with the best prices possible.

We will work on behalf of our clients best interest with the manufacturer in their absence to make sure they get high quality results and they can return to their respective countries peacefully as we exist to facilitate coordination with the manufacturer.

Special Custom Product

Arti Interior Sourcing also specialize in custom orders of a wide range variations of products. Please feel free to send the details of your own designs, complete with the detail information of the sizes, finishes, colors and quantities, we will be pleased to assist you. If by chance we are unable to source the exact of your specifications or requirements, we will provide you with options of what we can do to match your request.

We work with a wide range of professional artisans and factories. We often use a variety of different suppliers to complete a single order and combining different materials to ensure the completed products are exactly as specified/requested.


Custom orders available for single items or bulk order and also available for private or commercial buyers. Please kindly let us know the detail of your requirements and we will be happy to inspect those for you.

The Final Phase

The designer then send the project to be professionally. Printed and deliver the finish design to you!

Quality Control

One of our service is to make sure all items fulfilled the correct details (colors, size, shape and quality). We always do quality control before the finished products being collected and packed. We will send a confirmation email with images of finished products that are already being checked, this will avoid any mistake happen after client receiving the goods.


Minimum Orders and Pricing

There is minimum for retail and wholesale order. Price is quoted in Rupiah (IDR) and converted to USD / AUD based on client requests (with approximate rate).

Invoice and Payment Terms

We require 50% deposit on placing of your order and balance upon pickup from supplier usually 2 weeks before the goods being shipped. We will not place any orders with suppliers until we received all the deposits. The payment can be done by cash or bank transfer to our USD/IDR bank account. When depositing funds into our account a receiving fee of USD 30 is charged to us by our bank this fee is added into your invoice, otherwise please ensure payment is received in full amount into our account.

Payment can be made by Telegraphic Transfer to the following bank account. You are able to send US$ / AUD$ / NZ$ / EURO / UKP – our bank will automatically convert the funds to Rupiah, based on the exchange rate of the day.

Production Time

As a general standard, approximately it takes 6-8 weeks production time for most items, sometimes it takes more. It really depends on the order volume and the manufacturer. It takes another one or two weeks for collection, quality control processes, packing, and loading of the goods.

Agent Fees

Our fee is based on total Invoice. This fee is for placement of orders, monitoring productions, reporting on progress and most importantly, to conduct full QC inspections upon completion of orders.

Warranty & Insurance

As your agent/representative, we take all care and no responsibility for any issues for your product once it has left our hands or shipped. If there’s any issue, you may report the problems within a week of receipt of your shipment. We will then investigate the issue, if it’s damage in transit – shipping insurance is available from Bali at 2% of the total product and is provided by the shipping company. However, if we agree the issue is our responsibility, we will return or credit our agent fee on those items. Communication is the key factor at all times to ensure that the quality is maintained in your orders if you have issues.

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